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Brain Dynamics under the aegis of ACE MANAGEMENT & CONSULTANT PVT LTD.
registered under Indian Companies Act, 1956. Brain Dynamics is ISO 9001:2008 Certified ensures highest standards of quality. The team consists of Young, Talented, Livewire and trained professionals who bring out the best in you through different value added services. These services are niche and beneficial to every aspect of one’s life.

Brain Dynamics was established under the concept of Research and Development from Dermatoglyphic theory and the application from the latest technology. Dermatoglyphics has been used in the field of Psychology and Anthropology for the continuous development of more efficient and accurate results.

It has been very constructively used in USA, Russia, China , Australia, Japan , Singapore , Indonesia, Taiwan , Thailand ,Malaysia, Europe etc. in the recent Past.

This technique has been developed by scientist and research experts from world renowned Universities and it based on the knowledge from the Genetics, Embryology , Dermatoglyphics and Psychology and Neuroscience. With the Dermatoglyphics analysis, our analysts are able to discover the inborn intelligence of each child/individual and the best way to learn. Moreover, professional advices and suggestions will also be given to help solving problem in both short and long term.

Our Mission To bring an easy and affordable profiling tool which will enable parents to truly know their child’s talents and best learning method so that we can help them realize their full potential.

Our Vision To help Individuals to understand own personality and potential.

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